10 Great Tips For Your Dog DayCare Dubai

November 2, 2017

Here at Pets Lodge Dubai, we have picked up a lot of tips for managing dogs over the years as pet owners and now though our facility. Here are some of these ideas explained.


10 Tips For Your Dog DayCare Dubai


1) Is Your Dog Mentally Challenged?


As dog owners we are always on the lookout for signs of physical illness in our dogs but what about their mental behavior?


Is your dog acting like a dog? Are they looking sad or depressed? If you dog is struggling with daily activities then that maybe caused by boredom or some other issue. Dogs love to play games, chase things and have fun. Dogs like a variety of stimulation through toys and general play. If they are not getting the stimulation they need then they will get bored




2) Dogs Are Natural Pack Animals And Need To Be With Other Dogs.

Dogs are the descendants of wolves and this are natural pack animals and thus love to socailise with other dogs. We see this also with humans as they are very friendly towards us and they instinctively come to us to check us out because they can see that we love to be social as well.


Socialisation helps them to make friends, to stimulate their minds and to relax. Dogs are strongly motivated to find other dogs so it is in their best interests to be allowed to do so.


At Pets Lodge Dubai we provide dog daycare where your best friend can play with other dogs under supervision. Try it. You will notice the difference in your dog!



3) What Does Your Dog Get Up To At Home When You Are Not There?


If you are away during the day and your dog is home alone have you seen any problems? When a dog is bored they can become destructive such as chewing furniture, defecating in the house and becoming more aggressive with their owner.


This is because the dog has no stimulation during the day and gets bored and frustrated. So the dog will destroy furniture etc just to relieve that boredom. Dogs are social animals and want to be around other animals or us.


4) Barking


All dogs will bark to a certain extent and there could be many reasons for this such as a warning, being over-excited, seeking attention, anxiety, and boredom. If you live in an apartment and the neighbours get disturbed, then can lead to some obvious problems.


Training your pet to stop this behavior is possible but if the behavior stems from boredom and frustration then your dog needs much more stimulation. Sending the animal to daycare on a regular basis will help improve their behaviour.




5) Separation Anxiety


Your getting ready to leave for work in the morning and your dog is very upset. We have all been there. When a dog has settled down with you as part of a social group they will get very agitated when they are away from you which can lead to the problems mentioned above. Signs of social anxiety include misbehavior after you leave, the dog follows you around constantly, and the dog tries to touch you constantly, They know you are about to go out for the day. Relieve the tension in your dog by submitting them to dog daycare Dubai at Pets Lodge.


6) Begging


A dog begging for food is an irresistible proposition for most owners and yet giving a dog scraps from your plate could be dangerous. Some foods are difficult for a dog to digest so it is always best to stick to regular meal times with food designed for dogs. If you must give treats then do so to reward good behavior and use the specialist dog treats available at your favourite pet store.


7) Jumping Up


When we get home our dogs are normally delighted to meet us and love to jump up, lick our faces and get very excited. This is wonderful to see but if encouraged could be quite dangerous if they display the same behavior with a child. Most owners will try to stop the behavior by blocking the dog and pushing them away, or by raising their voice. This can be counter-productive and a better way is to ignore the dog altogether and wait until it calms down before offering a treat to reward calm behavior.




8) Biting

Biting is a behavior that must be discouraged at all times but it isn’t necessary to be extremely tough on your dog in order to change this behavior. If you have the dog as a puppy then you can allow some biting at first but teach them to bite softly. Use a strong command and reward them when they bite softly with a treat. Ignore them if they continue to bite to strongly.

If the dog is older when you brought them home, then be aware that excessive biting could be cause by fear (from the treatment of a previous owner), protection of property (their bed or toy), pain or sickness, assertion or a predatory instinct. Check with your vet to see if it is an illness. If not, then patience, love and training is the solution. Use treats and reinforcement to change the behavior. Seek the help of a professional trainer if required such as at Pets Lodge Dubai.




9) Chewing


Dogs love to chew on everything and it can be very frustrating to find them destroying your favourite shoes! Chewing gives dog pleasure and they will do so when they are bored. So there are two solutions to this problem. The first is to keep your dog occupied and busy to get rid of all that excess energy and second is buy them a chew toy that you can play with them. Use positive reinforcement techniques to encourage good behavior by giving them a treat when they have not chewed your shoes.




10) Barking At The Door


This is a classic behavior from dogs as they react to the door bell or someone knocking on the door. This behavior is particularly hard to stop but can be done with patience and love. One solution is to teach the dog to lie down at a spot within sight of the door which acts a safe area. When someone comes to the door you can direct the dog to the safe spot so that they are quieter. Don’t forget to reward the dog if they are quiet when someone knocks on the door.






Here at Pets Lodge Dubai we understand that people lead very busy lives in Dubai and that many dogs are left at home during the day which can lead to some of the problems mentioned above.


If you want to stop these problems then why not consider dog daycare Dubai. What we can provide is a safe, fun and relaxing place to look after your pet during the day. The dog will socialize with others, will be loved and played with in a safe environment. By the end of the day they will feel tired and happy and will be more relaxed at home.


We offer day-care and overnight boarding for your dogs in a safe, fun and friendly environment. Check out our services here.


We can pick up your dog in the morning and bring it back in the evening or you can drop off and pick up yourselves.


We also provide training classes for your dog, so we can instill the correct behavior on your loved one so that when completed, the dog will obey your commands.

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