Dog Grooming Dubai

September 10, 2017

Dog grooming Dubai is a very important aspect of looking after your best friend. As human beings, we enjoy the weather in Dubai; we love to stroll around, have fun and enjoy life. Dogs love this as well, but dogs are very different from human beings.


The weather and environment is quite harsh for dogs, be it the temperature, the humidity and the amount of dust, insects and other hazards. How your dog is affected by these conditions will be determined by its breed and how long it is kept outside.


Some breeds of dogs cannot sweat in the same way we do so it’s difficult for them to keep cool in sunny and humid conditions. These is especially for breeds such a Pugs, Boxers, Bulldogs, Boston Terriers, French Bulldogs and Shih Tzu which are brachycephalic breeds, or those with short noses. Ultimately, all dogs will suffer in harsh conditions. So, heat stroke and other illnesses are more common in these breeds, thus it is important to keep you do in tip-top health by ensuring a regular and professional grooming routine. So dog grooming Dubai is a vital part of keeping your dog healthy and happy.


Dogs must be groomed on a regular basis to maintain their health. Grooming involves brushing which is very important here as there is so much dust and other particles in the air. Grooming helps to remove the dead skin, dead hair, dirt and stimulates the blood circulation in the skin.


Next comes the haircut. Obviously different breeds have different requirements but we must be very careful in these high temperatures and humidity to regularly cut he hair of our dog. Many breeds cannot sweat through the skin and so they do not have an effective way of keeping cool in hot weather. So, it is very important to have a regular routine for your dog.



Next come teeth cleaning. Your dog eats a lot of food and no doubt gets a lot of treats as well. When you are out walking your dog, who knows what they eat when they get the chance. So, just like humans, dogs need regular dental care as their teeth are very important to them. Teeth must be brushed and cleaned to avoid bad smells and tooth decay.


The same thing can be said about the ears; they are just as important as the teeth and need to be well maintained and cleaned for the general health of the dog. Dogs are very curious animals and will search out and find the most interesting items in the dirtiest of places.


Then there is nail cutting. Once again, an important part of any dog grooming process. A dog with long nails can be a real challenge particularly with items around the house and yourself. An enthusiastic and loving dog who misses their owner will try to jump and paw at you when you return. With long nails that can lead to scratches and more serious injuries.


Unfortunately, when most dog grooming companies in Dubai are only interested in one thing, process your dog as quickly as possible so that they can move on to the next one. This can be very stressful for the dog as the quality of the grooming process is lower.

Here at Pets Lodge Dubai we will treat your animal as our family and we have a thorough process outlined below for dog grooming Dubai:

  1. Getting to know the dog: When you drop your dog with us we don’t just grab it and groom as quickly as possible. We get to know your pet, play with him, and let it socialise with other dogs if it is ok to do so. Thus, the dog gets used to us and reduces the potential the stress during the grooming process.

  2. We don’t restrict the dog: During grooming we do NOT strap your dog down.

  3. There are always 2 people present: This means one can watch for any signs of problems and comfort the animal whilst the other conducts the grooming process.

  4. Brush dog if it has long hair: Before cutting any hair, we brush it to remove and debris and to allow time for the dog to get used to us.

  5. Use ear plugs to protect the dog’s ear during washing: A dog’s ears are very important and MUST be protected during the grooming process. We use ear plugs for this. It’s very important to keep the ear dry.

  6. Protect the head of the dog during drying: We use a gentle air dryer for drying the dog but we make sure the ears are protected during this as well.

  7. Careful monitoring / watch for any signs of observation. If we detect any signs of stress, we will stop the process and allow the dog to have a break.

  8. We always consider the health and happiness of the dog first!

  9. We only charge for the grooming and our prices are very competitive.

Our facilities are totally enclosed with air conditioning, so they are always in a comfortable environment which eliminates problems with temperature, humidity and other hazards.


So, dog grooming Dubai is a service that we provide and we would be delighted to receive your dog and take good care of your pet.




Here at Pets Lodge Dubai, we love animals, and will treat yours like family.



Thank you!



Juliana Steiner



And do not forget to know the  Pets Lodge Dubai LLC  a little bit more:





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