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Pets Lodge Dubai is dedicated to offer the best care and amenities for your dog. Our 4000 sq ft hotel is designed for 37 pets only with our dog kennels; and cared for by a Swiss/Brazilian family. We want to give you peace of mind by providing you with a safe, spotless clean and comfortable facility environment. Pets Lodge Dubai is owned and operated by one family of knowledgeable, gentle and animal loving professionals.


Is an answer for the busy pet parent. We understand your busy lifestyle may sometimes make it difficult to give your dogs the attention, socialization, training, exercise and mental stimulation necessary for their overall well being.

The dogs are evaluated for temperament and play style to ensure that daycare is the best option. A member of staff  is always on hand to supervise play.  Individual dog kennels are provided during break time.


We prioritize quality over quantity which allows us to concentrate on the well-being of your pet. Your dog is our family and we will ensure that highest standards of care. Our facilities have full air-conditioning, grooming, washing and play areas. We are fully licenced by the Dubai government. 





Good reasons to enroll your pet to a daycare

Boredom/Destructive behavior




Want a Well Behaved Dog?

We Know just the Trick.



We offer a variety of dog training classes to fit dogs from puppyhood to adult. Our unique Board & Training program allows your pet to have one-on-one training while he stays the night, ensuring your pet gets the attention he or she deserves. Imagine, going away and coming back to a dog who no longer eats your shoes!

Our training techniques, taught by experienced instructors, trained in Brazil and England, are always positively reinforced, with or without leash.



Juliana Steiner



Classes Offered

Basic Obedience Training: sit, down, stay, stop, here and walk without pulling on leash (walking politely) and foundation for a reliable recall.


Intermediate Class: Off leash walking, stay focused and not let be easily distracted, be obedient and follow even most complex orders to the letter. Must have completed a Basic Obedience Training class to qualify.


Show Dog for Fun Class: (06 principal commands: dead, roll, bounce, greets, give paw, kiss and others tricks). Fun way to teach off leash skills and teamwork and build on skills learned in basic training. Must have completed Basic Obedience Training (non-aggressive dogs only).


  • If your dog is trained but has a bad habit or an aggressive behavior, inquire about behavioral training.

  • And if you have interest in a sniffer dog or assistance dogs already trained, contact us. 

  • We can provide you with excellent, professional and guaranteed Pedigree.




Al Quoz Industrial Area 3

10b Street, Warehouse 7

Dubai - UAE

P.O.Box 215156


Phone: 043 38 2005

           055 740 750 7

           055 131 666 8

GPS Coordinates: 25°07'07.9"N 55°12'40.7"E




09:00 - 18:00




14:00 - 18:00

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