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At this moment we are looking for:


  • Bathing and brushing pets, mainly dogs and cats.

  • Cleaning ears, checking for tooth decay, clipping nails.

  • Bathing and drying coat, trimming/grooming dogs to conform to a variety of breed specific standard styles (using electric clippers and scissors) and accommodate any special requests by the owner, detangle hair, remove knots, clipping nails, cleaning ears, cleaning anal sacs, and brushing teeth if requested. In addition, while working with the animal, the groomer should be checking the animal for any sore areas or lumps on the dog’s skin, and for fleas or parasites to inform their owner. Must own your own tools.

  • Take care of the baths of boarded cats and dogs, which receive free baths every 10 days of boarding, as well as dogs that are onboarding that for some reason are very dirty.

  • Check and order required equipment and products if replacement or cleaning is required.

  • Control of grooming agenda.

  • In case there are no grooming appointments set for a day, help dog handler in main play area and/or play area of small dogs.

  • Take pictures of dog before and after grooming to publicize on social media.

  • You are not permitted to work for any other company during the employment with FPB Lodge, Training and Domestic Pets Grooming LLC.

Keep it Clean

  • Keep the washing area, drying area and haircut as well as all equipment extremely clean, aspirated and disinfect equipment.

  • Emptying trash cans and poop bins regularly.

  • Wash and clean cages and kennels regularly.

  • Maintain a clean and well-kept facility.

Keep it Safe

  • The ability to handle dogs firmly but gently.

  • The ability to calm and control nervous dogs.

  • Patience and attention to detail.

  • Good communication and customer care skills.

  • Learn names and common behaviors of each dog and manage them accordingly.

  • Report injuries or health related issues to manager and front desk.

  • Keep accurate records.

  • Feed dogs and keep them healthy.

Keep it Fun

  • Enjoy coming to work. It's a quiet and relaxed place.

  • Have fun working with dogs all day.

  • Create and be a part of a fun and responsible environment.

  • Learn how to play with dogs in a way that stimulates them and be a part of a fun, dynamic group of dogs.



  • Residence Visa;

  • Basic salary;

  • 20% commission for paid baths and grooming (excluding VAT) after 6 months;

  • Accommodation;

  • Transportation allowance (Dubai Metro);

  • Medical;

  • Annual leave;

  • Airline tickets after one year.


Working hours: Saturday to Thursday, 8:00 to 12:00 – 14:00 to 19:00 + 03 nights shift

Probation: Maximum 6 months

Others benefits/conditions: As per UAE Labour Law



Al Quoz Industrial Area 3

10b Street, Warehouse 7

Dubai - UAE

P.O.Box 215156




Phone: 043 38 2005

           055 740 750 7

           055 131 666 8

GPS Coordinates: 25°07'07.9"N 55°12'40.7"E




09:00 - 18:00




14:00 - 18:00

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